Storage Solutions for Students

Student Storage Tips

Heading off to college is an exciting time. Picking classes, meeting new friends, shopping for supplies, and adjusting to a new living space can be life-changing experiences for new university students. But stepping into higher education does come with a few challenges. Among adjusting to this new lifestyle,  developing study habits, and getting along with dormitory roommates, college students have enough o worry about. One thing they can eliminate from their list of concerns is student storage.

Student Storage Problems

Whether they’re in a dorm room or opt for off-campus housing, student living spaces are typically very small. Most dorm rooms average just over 100 ft.². The room will have minimal storage for basics like clothes, computers, books, and a few personal items. Any other spaces like the kitchen, bathroom, and living areas will likely be shared. This means there’s not a lot of room for those extra winter/summer clothes, sporting accessories, bicycles, and other non-necessities. Also, there may be times when a student needs to spend a semester abroad and if this is the case then where will they put their college belongings?

For either long-term or short-term storage,  the simple solution is to rent a storage unit from a reputable company. A storage unit rental is a solution for a student lacking space for their belongings, the student looking for summer storage between semesters, or the traveling student who intends to study abroad and pack light. The good news is that today's units are usually equipped with cutting edge technology that will keep belongings safe and intact.

Student Storage Unit Technology

Today's modern storage units often have technology like GDS-powered tenant suites to help a student do everything from processing rental agreements to unlocking a unit with a mobile device. For more sensitive items like books, art, linens, or memorabilia, climate-controlled storage units will keep belongings from being affected by temperature or humidity.

Student Storage Perks and Benefits

Some of the features include student discounts, pushcarts to help you move in and out of the unit, online bill payments, moving truck rental options, indoor storage units, advanced security features, drive-up storage units, and helpful and friendly customer service.

To find out exactly what a storage company offers and how storage units differ in features and price, simply contact one of the staff representatives and ask them specific questions. Choosing a company that has all the desired features allows students to enjoy their college experience, worry-free.