The Ultimate Guide to Winter Self-Storage in Idaho

Admin | January 20, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Storage in Boise, ID means winter self-storage for at least three months each year. Keeping your delicate belongings safe is key to storing stuff in the colder months. We’ve compiled three tips for keeping your items in tip-top shape while storing them in regular storage. While climate-controlled storage is the best option for delicate items in winter, you can still have a great experience and keep your stuff safe in a standard unit. 

Choosing Facilities

Climate-controlled storage is your best bet, but if you Google “storage near me,” these facilities can be difficult to come by. The most important part of choosing a facility is making sure that they are secure. At Wise Space™ Storage, we offer comprehensive LED lighting, 24/7 video surveillance, and an electronic access gate. Make sure your belongings are secure with a facility that you can trust. 

Weather Matters

Keep your eye on the weather, especially for storage in Boise, ID. The potential for precipitation is pretty high and the weather can be unpredictable. Check conditions around the time of your initial move, whether you’re moving your items in or out of your unit. Make sure there’s a pathway to your storage unit as well as in your storage unit for the best experience in self-storage possible. 

Wrap Items Up

To store your items through the winter, Wise Space™ Storage highly recommends wrapping them up in tarps, towels, or bubble wrap to help them not get wet or dusty. We also recommend getting them up off of the floor as that’s where most moisture accumulates. Try using shelves to keep your books, electronics, records, and glassware off the floor. 

We hope these winter storage tips help you and make your winter self-storage experience as easy as possible. Enquire today about one of our storage here at Wise Space™ Storage today!