Proper Storage Unit Cleaning and Sanitation Tips

Admin | April 27, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Many people are finding themselves with an overabundance of time currently, which makes now the perfect time for sorting through self-storage and organizing everything in the process. We know how overwhelming of a task that can be though, which is why we broke the cleaning and organizing steps into more detailed lists that anyone can follow.

Read along and learn how to get your unit looking fresh and functioning more efficiently than ever before. 

Take Inventory and Mentally Prepare to Clean

It's vital to realize that cleaning your self-storage space thoroughly is going to take lots of time to do. That's why now is the ideal time to get scrubbing, sorting, and organizing! Start off the process by jotting down all the large furniture items in your space, and an approximate number of boxes you have to sort through.

Use these figures to help you decide just how long it's going to take to go through your unit and clean it up. Be generous with your time estimate and be willing to come back several times to fully finish up the cleaning process. 

Clean the Unit Itself

The most important part of a storage cleanup project is the storage sanitation step. You wouldn't believe how many bits of food, crumbs, pieces of garbage, and other debris end up on the floors of storage units. Most people have various little bits that they don't even realize are there. That's why you need to do a full cleanout to sanitize your unit.

Get yourself a moving dolly and roll full sections of your storage outdoors to enable effective cleaning. Now sweep out the debris and throw them into a garbage bag. Wipe down the unit with a sanitizing cleaner and put your boxes and furniture items back into their sections.

Repeat this process until you've gone through your entire unit, you'll be glad that you did when you have a clean and fresh space as you're sorting. 

Keep Your Focus Small

To avoid getting overwhelmed while organizing full storage units, it's important to avoid focusing on too many areas at the same time. Pick a small 2' x 2' section of your unit and focus on sorting and organizing that area to perfection without thinking about the rest of your space.

Look through all the boxes, and put items to go to your home in your vehicle, add items to donate into a separate box, bag up all the garbage to toss, and consolidate the remaining items into boxes to be stored for longer. Once that section is complete then you can move to the next 2' x 2' section of your unit.

Follow this process until you've completely cleaned up your space and you won't feel as overwhelmed by the process. 

Fully organizing a storage unit and sanitizing it takes time to do right, but it's worth the effort. At Wise Space™ Storage we recommend that our customers go through this process at least once a year to prevent building up too many unnecessary or unwanted items in storage, and to keep your space looking and functioning well.