Use Boise Self-Storage for Winter

Admin | January 4, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Boise can get cold and snowy during the wintertime. While keeping your home warm and cozy may seem simple, there is a bit more to winterproofing your home to keep it energy-efficient during these Idaho winters. Below are a few super simple tips to winterproof your home this season and how self-storage in Boise, ID, can help.


Manage Your Patio First

Your patio is a perfect sitting area during the summer. However, it’s probably not such a great place to relax during winter. The furniture and other items like barbeques on your patio may get rusty during the winter. Solution? We’ve got you covered!


With state-of-the-art storage units, Wise Space Storage can provide you with self-storage in Boise, ID to keep your patio items safe and clean until winter ends.

Look For – And Fill In – the Gaps 


The gaps in your doors and windows will make your home less energy-efficient and less comfortable since they will let cold air in. To fill these gaps, use foam insulation, available at most hardware stores, to cover and fill the spaces where cold air is coming in.

Finding some places hard to reach because you have too many things blocking the way? No problem! Wise Space self-storage has storage units in Boise, ID, for you to be able to declutter your home and have more space.

Adjust Your Thermostat

The thermostat is your best friend to stay warm during winters. However, don’t overuse it or keep your home temperature too high as this may cause excessive energy bills. Lower the thermostat or close the heat vents in areas that aren’t in use. Also, keep your doors closed as much as possible to retain the heat inside your home.

If you leave town, set your thermostat to a lower temperature (but not too low, you don’t want your pipes freezing!) Most smart thermostats have a vacation mode where you can program start and end dates. Also, turn your water heater down while you’re away.

Insulate Your Floors

The National Energy Foundation highlights that improper floor insulation can cause more than 10% of heat loss inside your home. Insulating your floors will pay you back many times over the years. If you need some extra space while you’re redoing your floors, Wise Space Storage is here to offer you storage in Boise, ID.


Replace Dirty Furnace Filters

Replacing your furnace filter is a simple fix that can help make your furnace more energy-efficient and lower your energy bills during winter.

Furnace filters are available at most hardware stores and many grocery stores, and once you replace yours (experts suggest at least once per year) you will see a noticeably better performance of your heating and insulation system.


Whether you need to store patio furniture, barbecues, or just things from around the house to give yourself more space, Wise Space Storage is your go-to for storage units in Boise, ID, so visit us online and see how affordable self-storage can be!