Time to Switch Seasons & Access Halloween Decor

Admin | September 28, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

As Halloween approaches, it's important to dig out your Halloween decorations and to verify they're all in working order. This task is simpler when you utilize Halloween storage at a self-storage facility. Good holiday storage gives you easy access to your items while offering you the space you need to hold all your other seasonal items and extras too.

Below we'll break down how to make the most of your holiday storage and how to prepare for Halloween, so you're ready to decorate your home. 

Store Your Decorations Carefully for Future Access

The first step to easily accessing your Halloween storage when the time comes is storing your decorations properly. Keep your decorations separated based on their function. Store the items in thick boxes, and label each one as clearly as possible, so you know what you're grabbing.

Also, consider creating a checklist of all your decorations so you can verify you have everything later on. It's also important to take care to stack up your boxes vertically with walking spaces so you can access the exact boxes you're interested in throughout the year.

Even if you have a smaller storage unit, it's important to leave some walking space when you put your belongings inside. 

Time to Switch Seasons

To keep things efficient, we recommend you box up all the seasonal items from summer into neatly labeled boxes, and bring them with you while pulling out your Halloween decorations. You can swap the two sets of boxes in your self-storage unit and keep up with your storage needs without making unnecessary trips.

As long as you have one of our quality storage units, you'll have enough space for all your seasonal items, and you can rest assured that even valuable items will remain protected and in good condition while kept in storage. 

Inventory and Check Your Decorations

With your decorations home from storage, it's time to dig through them and make sure you have everything. Look through each box and verify that you have all the important decorations you want to use. If you created a checklist of items, this step will go very quickly.

Look over each item on your list and test that it functions properly. By thoroughly checking everything, you can make any necessary repairs and replacements before Halloween. 

Replace Batteries and Bulbs to Prepare for Halloween

Many Halloween decorations rely on batteries or lightbulbs to function. These things wear out over time and often need replacing. As you test your decorations, make a list of the batteries and bulbs you need and replace these things as soon as possible. 

By taking these simple steps, you can maximize the convenience of self-storage in Boise, ID, while also preparing for Halloween. You'll be ready to decorate your home for a spooky look, and with our approach, the process will be easier than you remember.