Self-Storage and Charitable Donations Working Together

Admin | March 2, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Storage units work very well for anyone that donates items to charity on a regular basis. If you're searching for a way to simplify your charity donations, or to declutter your home, self-storage is a powerful way to go. Not only will this space give you room to keep your home neat and organized, but it helps make donating to charity simpler and more convenient as well. That's why storage units and charity go hand-in-hand. Find out how to make the most of the two below. 

Rent Self-Storage and Clear Donations out of Your Home Over Time

Purchasing self-storage for charity purposes is a good idea for families that donate a large number of charitable goods every year. You can even share a single unit with several family members or friends to reduce your costs. Consider getting storage space to hold the items you don't want anymore throughout the year. With self-storage close to your home you can conveniently drop off extra items to space on a weekly basis and only make a donation run to your local charity after you have a full vehicle of donations stashed away. This approach is a favorite for families because it helps them minimize the clutter around the house. 

Maintain the Same Sized Unit with Charity Donations

Even if you don't purchase storage space specifically for your charitable goods, you can donate to charity to help clear out your space and help you continue to use the same sized unit each year. At least once a year you should go through your storage space and donate storage unit contents that you don't want any longer. You don't have to get rid of everything, but even giving a box or two can help keep extra storage space available so you don't have to continue to increase the size of your storage space over time. 

Get a Drive-Up Unit for Maximum Convenience

No matter how you plan to use your self-storage space, it makes sense to look for a facility such as Wise Space™ Storage that offers drive-up access. Drive-up access with roll-up doors makes it easy to move oversized objects in and out of the storage unit. This facility also offers 24/7 access so you can drop off or pick up your charitable donations anytime you feel like it. 

Donating your extra items to charity will help you reduce the amount of clutter you have while helping a cause. Self-storage space can help you donate more efficiently and also help keep your home clean and orderly throughout the year while minimizing the time you spend gathering up donations when done right.