Using Self-Storage While Redecorating Your Home

Admin | May 30, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

There's no one right way to decorate a home, but there are some simple best-practices for you to follow if you want to make your space stand out in a good way. That's why we've assembled some basic redecorating tips. Some of these tips will benefit from having access to self-storage units, while others you can do no matter what. Read through these tips, consider what suggestions will work best for you and optimize from there. 

Start by Clearing Away Excess Or Unneeded Items

The first, and likely most helpful of all our redecorating and self-storage tips is to ditch the clutter! If you have items on most of the surfaces in your home, you have too much stuff to create an attractive home design. Walk around your home and grab the extra items that you just don't need. Give away and sell what you can, junk some of the more useless items, and tuck the remaining pieces into storage boxes with labels to be packed away. You'll be amazed by how much better your home looks after you've gotten rid of the extra junk laying around. 

Settle on a Unified Theme for Your Home

Once you've established order in your home, it's time to decide what sort of style you want throughout. Whether you want a modern and sleek design, a traditional farmhouse, or some other unique style all your own, figure out what it is and what the elements are of that style. Gather photos of rooms that fit your style and make notes about the things you like the best in those rooms. You can use this research to help you make all the important decisions that you'll face when redesigning the decor in your home. 

Pack Away Items that Don't Fit the Plan

Now that you have a design plan, it's time to do away with everything in your home that doesn't fit that plan. That means you need to get rid of modern furniture if you want a traditional-looking space. You also need to get rid of extra furniture and other items if you're trying to achieve a minimalistic style. Move all these extra pieces to a climate-controlled storage space such as one of the units offered at Wise Space™ Storage. These units are designed to protect furniture and other delicate items while they're tucked away. Open up the room in your home so you have the space you need to incorporate new pieces that give you the look you're trying to achieve. 

Repaint and Utilize Efficient Furniture

Repaint your walls to help brighten up your home and make it look larger. Also, consider doing away with bulky storage pieces and other oversized furniture items for more efficient pieces. Raised shelves, corner pieces, open concept storage, and other modern fixtures will transform your living space into something more modern and efficient as well. 

Optimize Your Lighting

One of the key elements of most top-quality home designs is a huge amount of light. You want to encourage as much natural light into your space as possible, but you should also invest in the perfect light fixtures to help add a pleasant glow to your room. Toss the low-quality light fixtures and put non-matching pieces you're attached to in your self-storage in Boise, ID. Now choose coordinating table lamps, chandeliers, and other crucial pieces to transform your home in a huge way. 

You could continue redecorating your home for the rest of your life without stopping, but after following these steps for a short time you should have a much more impressive home that's decorated just the way you want it to be. Utilize self-storage to open up room for your decoration ideas to come to life and then fill in with the new pieces as needed. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish in just a few days of hard work when you have the storage space you need.