3 Ways Self-Storage Makes a Good Neighbor

Admin | August 21, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

It feels really good to be friends with your neighbors. You get a sense of peace in your own community, plus, you get support whenever you need help as well. The trick to making this happen is to be open to talk with your neighbors and to help them out when they need it.

That's really all there is to it! Having access to good storage in Boise, ID, can help you make the most with some of the tips that we mention below, but whether you have self-storage space or not, you can improve your relationships with your neighbors and enjoy where you live even more as a result. 

Be Friendly When You Have the Chance

We're not saying that you should head over to your neighbor's house right now and introduce yourself, though that may not be a bad way to go if you're outgoing, you should be friendly to your neighbors when you see them.

Waving at neighbors you aren't familiar with is a good start, but it's also good to make small talk with your different neighbors as they pass by. This gives you a chance to introduce yourself, and to let the neighbors know that you're approachable and that you are a friendly member of the community. Following this step also makes it much less awkward later on if you go and introduce yourself. 

Throw a Party

If you want to get to know your neighbors fast, one of the best ways to form new relationships is to throw a community party. This gives you the opportunity to make introductions with everyone in your area, to form some friendships, and to have a good time at your home.

You can rent tables, chairs, and other party supplies to ensure that everyone has enough seating and that you have all the tools you need to put on the party. Some people prefer to purchase all their own supplies though, especially if they're going to throw additional parties in the future.

If you have enough home storage you can keep all the tables and additional supplies stocked away until you need them again. If you don't have space, you can rely on storage units to hold the extras until you need them once again. 

Lend a Helping Hand 

If you see one of your neighbors struggling to move a heavy object, or working hard on a project at home, it's the perfect opportunity for you to lend a hand and make a friend. Offer assistance when you get the chance, and they'll likely take you up on your offer and be grateful for the help as well. Even if they don't take your help, they will still be grateful you offered and will look at you in a more positive way from then on. 

Offer Help with Yard Work

Taking on simple yard work tasks for elderly neighbors in your area can give you an excuse to go outdoors and help you stand out in your neighborhood as well. We're not saying that you should be shoveling every driveway in your community, or that you should spend all your free time taking on projects for your neighbors, but offering to help now and then will go a long way.

If you have the garage storage solutions to hold the tools you need for common yard work, that's all you need to start offering help. Many neighbors will already have the tools you need as well, which means you can help even if you don't have all the supplies. Just get out there and start making friends with your neighbors, you'll enjoy a huge level of support and love in your community as a result, and that's a good feeling overall. 

It only takes a few basic actions to begin forming friendships with your neighbors. Even if you don't make lifelong friends with everyone in your community, making a few small changes could get you some new friends and will certainly benefit you in the future.

Having access to reliable self-storage in Boise, ID, will make many of the tasks on this list easier for you to do, but you want to ensure you have a location that's secure and that you trust. That's what we offer at Wise Space™ Storage. We have secure units with the space you need for outdoor furniture, landscaping tools, and more seasonal items.