How to Successfully Use Long Term Car Storage

Admin | March 16, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

If you have an additional vehicle that you want to put away for a season, or for longer, it's important to attain the right storage conditions with your vehicle storage solution to protect your ride over time. That means finding the right location that's protective while being accessible as well. Below are some simple tips to help you locate vehicle storage that will work well for your needs. 

Prep Your Ride Before Storing it

Before you put your vehicle into car storage, there are some steps you should take to protect it. Give it a good washing inside and out and coat the paint with a wax finish for added protection. Fill the gas tank all the way with fuel, and add a stabilizer if you'll be storing your vehicle for 6 months or longer. 

Also, lift your ride up on jack stands during storage to prevent damage to your tires. Consider disconnecting your battery as well before storing your vehicle. These simple prep steps will help to safeguard your ride while it's tucked away. 

Oh, and be sure to check in on it often to maintain tire pressure, the interior and the overall health of the vehicle. 

Keep Your Vehicle out of the Elements

No matter what sort of storage solution you decide to use, it's important that it's covered and offers protection from the elements. Self-storage storage units work well for this purpose as long as you find a space that's large enough for your vehicle. Many of these units offer up to 30' of storage length, which is more than enough to accommodate a full-sized vehicle. Self-storage space offers protection from the elements from all angles. 

Look for a Secure Location with Enough Access

If you're searching for a self-storage space for vehicle storage, it's important that you have drive-up access and wide roll-up doors, but also that each unit is protected by insurance and excellent security. You can get all of those features and more from Wise Space™ Storage. There are units that are 10' x 30' in size and they are fitted with alarms, video surveillance and protected by some insurance as well. 

Self-storage facilities are perfect for holding vehicles over the long-term, just as long as you select the right space and prepare your vehicle properly for long-term storage.