How to Store Old Photos and Preserve Precious Memories

Admin | December 28, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

In the digital age, we’re accustomed to precious memories being preserved in digital files that we can easily upload to the Cloud. However, there is a certain charm that comes from physical photos we hold in our hands. Photos that were taken years ago before everyone had a camera in their pocket bear more sentimental weight than a quick selfie. Unfortunately, physical photos are prone to damage. Here are a few tips that can help you store your old photos and preserve precious memories!


1. Using Plastic Sleeves

Before rushing off to find a Boise self storage unit, you will want to make sure your photos are properly stored. Start by having each photo placed inside plastic sleeves without PVC. For a cheaper alternative, you can also use plastic sandwich bags. 

2. Using Photo Archive Boxes for Storage

If you have a lot of photos to store then you can save space in your self storage unit by using photo archive boxes. Photo archive boxes can easily be stacked and will keep your storage units well-organized. 

3. Framing Old Photos

Although this might be more difficult if you have a large number of photos, for some select photos, framing them can help preserve them from damages. As a bonus, they also look beautiful when displayed! Whether placing your photo on your night table or inside your Boise self storage unit, this is a great option.

4. Using Boise Storage Units

Of course, another way to store your old photos is to invest in self storage units. In addition to storage units saving space in your residence, many like Wisespace have units with climate control that can preserve your photos. 


Using the Right Storage in Boise, ID

While there are many Boise storage units available, if you’re needing to put old photos into storage then you want to make sure you’re enlisting the right service. That’s why many people turn to Wisespace for preserving their photos and other valuable items. You can contact Wisespace to learn about their rates and Boise storage units.