How to Store Books

Admin | October 12, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

How to Store Books

Are you preparing to put some books into storage? Whether you have a massive collection or just a few favorites, it pays to keep them as protected as possible. Today, we’re sharing how to store books the right way. 


Perform an Initial Inspection

Before you move your books to a self storage unit, inspect them for any trace of food or water. Left inside the pages, these particles could develop bacteria and lead to mold or mildew. Gently clean the front and back binding, and shake the book loose of any debris. 


Wrap Each Book

Don’t start packing your books until they’re wrapped. Cover each one individually with an absorbent material, such as a paper towel. This protective layer keeps the books from rubbing against each other and also wards off bugs and dust.


In addition, consider using thick paper dividers between each book to keep them from sticking together. Don’t use newspaper though, as the ink could transfer. Antique books will require acid-free dividers for extra protection.


Pack the Right Way

Cardboard boxes can fall prey to vermin, moisture, and other issues. To keep your books safe and clean, store them in plastic containers instead. 

When it’s time to pack, place each book into the container vertically, so its paper edges are facing up. Place the heaviest hardcover tomes on the bottom and save space at the top for the lightest paperbacks.


Use Self Storage Units

Self storage units are ideal for safeguarding your books. In this environment, you can rest assured that your books are protected against the elements. They’ll also be neatly organized and ready to go when you’re it’s time to enjoy them again.


Store Now, Read Later

Books can be wonderful collector’s items, and family heirlooms. If you have some that you want to save, then our storage units are a great solution. We can help you find the right space for your needs, so contact us today!