How to Clean Out Your Storage Unit

Admin | December 7, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

How to Clean Out Your Storage Unit 

Whether you’re needing to polish up your storage unit to prepare for new items coming in, are just doing some quick touch-ups, or are about to move everything out there are a few things you should consider. Although cleaning your Boise storage unit might seem like a breeze, but there are still four tips that can make the process much easier! 

1. Take an Inventory of All Your Items

When clearing items out of a Boise self storage unit, you’ll want to make sure to take an inventory of all the available items. This can be very useful if you inherited a storage space or won one at an auction. That seemingly dull lampshade could be an antique worth a pretty penny!

2. Separate Your Items Into Categories

When going through all the items in your Boise self storage, be sure to separate items by categories as this can save you heartache and time later on. In addition to obvious categories such as clothing or toys, it might be a good idea to separate items or boxes by how heavy they are.

3. Have Friends or Family Help

While you might have to bribe them with pizza and drinks, having other people can help tremendously in clearing out storage units. Not only will you have extra hands, but it might even be more fun and some of your clutter might find a new home too!

4. Sell, Donate, or Toss Items in Your Self Storage

Even if you plan on using self storage for your items again in the future, it’s still a good idea to declutter as much as you can. Many of the items you will have in your Boise storage unit probably won’t be worth keeping. That’s why you should decide to sell, donate, or toss as much as you can. Combining this step with step one can also accelerate the process. 

Using the Right Storage in Boise, ID

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