Award Winning Best Self-Storage in Boise, ID

Admin | November 18, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

The Best Self-Storage in Boise, ID

Having a 5-star reputation is quickly becoming a currency among consumers and businesses. Though observation by local and national harbingers of quality has always come with its own bragging rights, cultivating a culture of quality has never been easier or more accessible thanks to Google, Facebook and consumer reviews. With the never-ending search for quality products and services, becoming distinguished through an industry leader for providing optimal service and exceeding standards instills trust in current renters and those who will rent from Wise Space™ Storage in the future. 

This month, Wise Space™ Storage was recognized by, making their Top 15 Storage Unit Providers in the Boise, ID, area. 

As a renter, here’s what it means for you: Top 15 List 

For those who aren’t aware, is an industry leader holding a unique position among renters and storage unit providers. By collaborating with storage facilities and measuring various elements that matter the most to renters, can accurately present recommendations without bias. For that reason, renters trust to find facilities that can best cater to their needs. 

To find only the best, takes the qualities of various self-storage unit providers to gauge their location, their prices, their amenities and their current standing within the community. Assessing storage unit facilities by using these metrics allows to weed out competitors in your area, leaving the consumer with the best to choose among. By concentrating diluted markets, especially with their own seal of approval gives better businesses the opportunity to thrive, and those who didn’t make the team to improve with consumer-cut criteria. offers this service to storage facilities throughout the United States and measures all qualifying storage facilities before making their final decision. With storage units in Boise, ID, specifically, accounted for Wise Space™ Storage among 142 storage facilities in the area. 

What Wise Space™ Storage Brings to Your Table

Winning and displaying an award you’ve received in your industry means very little without maintaining the credibility behind it. At Wise Space™ Storage, we’re proud to have been recognized by, but we’re honored to continue providing self-storage to the good people of Boise. Our easily-accessible units allow renters to simply drive up, drop off and get on with their day, which is an additional perk for those seeking handicap-accessible storage units. 

Our perimeter fencing, on-site manager, 24-hour video surveillance and gated entry provide our renters with extra peace of mind. also details our discounts, month-to-month rentals and self-storage unit size variety that any customer — old or new — can take advantage of. 

To check out the full report measuring Wise Space™ against 30 different variables, including our reputation, credibility, experience and professionalism, check out our website.