Affordable Self-Storage For Your Family

Admin | March 9, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Good storage units are a powerful tool for any family to have access to. The right unit offers enough space to hold seasonal items, donations and other large objects that don't have a home anywhere else in your family home. They can also be useful tools for spring cleaning or other organizing tasks. The trouble is that most people pay too much for self-storage space. That's why we assembled a guide to help families get the storage they need for less. 

Make use of Storage Deals

Wise Space™ Storage offers long-term discounts as well as a reduced price for units booked online. There are also short-term discounts to look forward to such as reduced rates on the first month of rent or other perks. Families are encouraged to watch for these special deals before renting a unit to get the maximum value out of each space. 

Select the Perfect Sized Unit

Another quick tip to help family members save on their storage costs is to consider your real space requirements for family self-storage. Too many families have massive storage units when they would do just fine with a 5' x 5' space for their needs currently. This is a mistake that's costing them money each month. Instead of getting a massive unit initially because you believe your storage needs will increase, start small and only switch to a larger unit if it's absolutely necessary for you to do so. 

Secure Storage For Less

Each of the self-storage spaces at Wise Space™ Storage offers reliable protection from the elements at a reasonable price. They are protected by top-level security and a useful tool for storing furniture, clothing and a variety of other items. 

Families can use these basic tips to save on their storage needs while still enjoying the benefits offered by our family self-storage spaces at Wise Space™ Storage.