3 Things to Never Put in Self-Storage

Admin | February 28, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Though most things can be kept in storage units, there are some materials that should absolutely never be kept in self-storage. These things could be harmed or be harmful, so heed this warning carefully. Whether it’s a living plant that can’t survive in storage or hazardous materials that could catch fire, these are things you must avoid putting into storage units.

Plants and Living Organisms

This goes for any living thing - don’t put it in a storage unit. Perhaps in between moves, you could keep a plant in a storage unit for a day, but no more than that. Storage units in Boise, Idaho are not suitable as the weather ranges from warm temperatures to below freezing depending on the season. Don’t keep plants, animals, or anything that needs a stable environment here. 

Food Items

While some food such as canned food and spices can be stored in climate-controlled storage units, they and any perishable items should not be. Avoid putting any foods, including fruits, vegetables, and even canned items in self-storage. Otherwise, there will be rodents and pests coming after your stuff!

Hazardous and Flammable Materials

Chemicals, cleaning products, and fertilizers are just some of the hazardous materials that should not be kept in storage. Extreme temperatures are common for self-storage in Boise, ID, and these materials are extremely dangerous in high heat. Gasoline and other flammable things are also extremely dangerous kept in self-storage facilities. 

Now that you know what cannot be stored, it’s time to put the belongings that can be into our self-storage facilities. Just ask Google for “storage near me” if you’re in Boise, ID. Enquire today and find the perfect sized unit at the right price with Wise Space™ Storage.